Phony Utility Workers in area again

The Sheriff's Office has received a report of two white males driving a black car posing as utility workers attempting to gain entry to a senior citizen's residence.

The two white males told the resident that they needed to come inside to measure the home to see if the resident would qualify for a forty dollar discount. The female told the two men she thought this was a scam and refused to let them inside the residence.

Please continue to exercise caution when someone you do not know comes to your residence unexpectedly. You may also visit the Safety Center of our website to obtain information about these types of scams, or click the links below.

Beware of distraction thieves

Don't be fooled by a phony utility worker

If you see suspicious persons or vehicles in your area, please contact our Dispatch Center at 864-487-2747 or call the Sheriff's Office at 864-489-4722.