Woman arrested for stealing mail

On February 2, 2006, Detectives with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office arrested Pamela Joan Lydia, age 32, of 3940 Cherokee Avenue in Gaffney on a Federal Probation Violation warrant.

Detectives later received information that she may have stolen mail in her vehicle. Detectives from the Sheriff's Office and US Postal Inspectors searched Lydia's vehicle and discovered mail stolen from as far back as October 2005, from different parts of Cherokee County. 

The stolen mail is believed to have been taken from as many as fifty homes in Cherokee County.

Lydia was driving a gray Ford Escort with magnetic signs on both doors reading "U.S. MAIL". Detectives believe she and possibly another person were driving throughout the county stealing mail from mail boxes posing as a mail carrier.

Lydia will be charged by the US Postal Service with Felony Theft for every piece of mail recovered.

The US Postal Service Inspector working this case will be reviewing all of the pieces of mail and will be contacting the homes from which it was stolen.