Meth Watch Program announced

Sheriff Bill Blanton announced last week that the Sheriff's Office has started a "Meth Watch Awareness Program" in conjunction with the South Carolina Meth Watch Program.

The program will target three areas of the community to make citizens aware of the dangers of meth labs and what to look for if someone is operating a meth lab. 

Deputies are distributing information to stores which may carry items needed to operate a meth lab. The stores are asked to notify law enforcement if someone purchases these items in large quantities. 

Deputies will also train local fire departments and other emergency responders in meth lab operations and what to look for when responding to structure fires. 

The Sheriff's Office will have local meetings alerting citizens about the dangers of meth labs and also what to look for if they suspect someone of operating a meth lab.

Dates and locations of these public programs will be announced soon through the Sheriff's Office website and local media outlets.