Sheriff's Office joins "A Child is Missing" (ACIM) network

Sheriff Bill Blanton announced today that the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has joined the "A Child is Missing" program.

A Child is Missing (ACIM) program is a non-profit organization assisting law enforcement in the first hours of a missing child.

This program is not a replacement for the Amber Alert. It works with the Amber Alert and can be used when the Amber Alert does not qualify.

The program works by allowing an officer or dispatcher the call ACIM and provide pertinent information about the missing person, including description, clothes worn, and time/place last seen.

An ACIM technician records an individual alert message, which is then phoned out to the area where the person was last seen. ACIM can place 1000 calls in 60 seconds. The call area can be expanded if needed.

ACIM can also be used to locate Alzheimer patients, first time runaways and missing individuals that the Amber Alert does not cover.

Officers and dispatchers should be trained soon in the ACIM program and operation.