Exercise to be held at Blacksburg Middle School


As a continuing effort to ensure the safety of our schools, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office and the Cherokee County School District will hold an exercise at Blacksburg Middle School on Tuesday, May 30, 2006. 

This exercise will simulate an intruder entering the school. Once the intruder enters, the school will perform a "lock down" and law enforcement officers will respond according to current procedures. After the incident, an evacuation will be simulated. 

The agencies involved in this simulation are:

 Cherokee County School District 1- Blacksburg Middle School
 Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office SERT
 Blacksburg Police Department
 Blacksburg Fire Department
 Upstate Carolina EMS
 Cherokee County Emergency Management
 Cherokee County E-911

There will be persons on site for evaluation purposes and to ensure safety to all persons involved. No ammunition or loaded weapons will be on site during the exercise.