Sheriff's Office joins SC Meth Watch Program

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has joined the South Carolina Meth Watch Program coordinated by the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. 

Meth Watch is the first national effort aimed at curbing the spread of methamphetamines, and will provide a critical step in reducing the availability of meth in communities nationwide. Meth Watch is a voluntary program that involves a variety of people at the community and state level, although retail involvement is the cornerstone of this program. 

Retailers are a prime target for meth cooks who may steal or buy large quantities of precursor ingredients from their stores. Retailers participating in the Meth Watch program report safer stores, better customer relations, increased employee awareness, and improved communications with law enforcement. Many stores have experienced a decrease in loss from theft that is directly related to their participation in Meth Watch. 

Training and materials are available to stores that would like to join the Meth Watch program with the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office currently has over 60 retailers participating in the program. For further information on the program, or to receive training or materials, please call Wes Foster at 864-489-4722 ext. 112. You may also visit the SC Meth Watch web page.