Deputies make arrest for "moonshine still"

Deputies with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant last night at the home of Charles Edward Martin at 159 Billy Misty Rd. in the Kings Creek community in Blacksburg.

Metro Narcotics Agents and Uniform Deputies were searching for unlawful drugs when they discovered an unlawful distillery in a barn behind Martin's house. The "still" had water and power running from Martin's home to the barn.

There were four 250 gallon drums buried in the ground producing the illegal liquor better known as "moonshine"

Deputies brought in a back hoe and destroyed the distillery and seized over 200 gallons of the illegal liquor.

Martin, age 64, has been charged with possession of marijuana and possession of illegal liquor and operating an illegal distillery by Detective Christy Poole and Captain Rick Burgess. Martin is in the Cherokee County Detention Center awaiting bond.