Praises to the Senior Care Calling Team


Following is a copy of a letter sent to the Sheriff's Office:


Where are the words to say THANK YOU for the life of a loved one? On July 1, 2004 I received a call from Mr. Dave Bailey informing me that I might need to check on my mother Mary S. Phillips. Dave said she was having pain in her chest and left arm. I immediately went to check on my mother and knew at first glance she was in trouble.


I got her to the ER and she was transported to the heart center of Spartanburg Regional. Mother, who is 81 years old, had a triple bypass and survived. Through God and the prayers of many churches, she is doing quite well.


I have only praise for Sheriff Blanton's Senior Care Calling Team. Thanks to Mr. Dave Bailey, Mr. Jim Bennett, Mr. Ed Poole and Carolyn, Mr. Randy Hammett and Annette, Mr. John Barnhill and Betty Harrington. You sweet, caring people helped save my mother's life. These fine people of Cherokee County deserve much recognition for volunteering their time. God Bless You!



Brenda P. Davis and Family