Letter of Appreciation from Richmond County Sheriff's Office


August 17, 2006

Sheriff Bill Blanton
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office 
312 East Frederick St.
Gaffney, SC 29340

Dear Sheriff Blanton,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and support the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office provided the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in the investigation regarding the murder of Mickel Ian Mosley on 072506.

Upon our initial arrival to Gaffney, SC on 072707, Inv. Tim Owen and I were greeted by Cpt. Mike Fowlkes. It was surprising to us at that time just how much information Cpt. Fowlkes had already acquired for us concerning this case, especially after only having a few brief telephone conversations with him in the days prior. Cpt. Fowlkes had already taken initial statements from several subjects that needed to be interviewed in this case and had arranged for those subjects to be at the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office to meet with Inv. Fanning and Inv. Owen upon our arrival to Gaffney, SC. Det. Joey Guyton soon joined in the investigation. Throughout the remainder of the week and to present, Cpt. Fowlkes and Det. Guyton have stayed committed to assisting Inv. Owen and I with this investigation. Their knowledge of Cherokee County and the people in the county were an asset to this investigation. The contacts that Cpt. Fowlkes developed for us including SLED Agent Spike McCraw, Spartanburg County Sheriff's Dept. Inv. David Taylor, and authorities in Marion, NC and Rutherford County were vital in this investigation. It was comforting to have both Cpt. Fowlkes and Det. Guyton by our side throughout this investigation. Cpt. Fowlkes should be acknowledged for the leadership role that he exhibited in this case leading to him organizing a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement meeting at the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office which proved to be extremely productive in the sharing of information provided by informants and in the identification of suspects from other jurisdictions. It is my firm belief that this case would not have resulted in such a quick resolution without the dedication and initiative of Cpt. Fowlkes, Det. Guyton, Agent McGraw, and others.

It is important to me that the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office, Cpt. Fowlkes, Det. Guyton, Agent McGraw and all other participants in this investigation know how much we appreciate their sense of duty and commitment to the assistance of our agency. We are so very thankful for everything from the delicious food that your agency brought in for us on those long 18 hour days to the manpower made available to us the entire time that we were in South Carolina. In the field of criminal investigations time is an invaluable resource, and I thank the detectives for their time that they have dedicated and continue to dedicate to assisting the RCSO with this investigation. Please contact me if I can ever be of any assistance to your agency.


Inv. Steve Fanning
Homicide Unit
Richmond County Sheriff s Office