Brothers arrested after stake out

As a result of a stake out by more than 10 Deputies supported by the Gaffney Police Department, two persons have been charged with a rash of burglaries in the county and city of Gaffney.

After a short chase following a burglary at Moss' Store on W. Cherokee St. (Hwy. 29) near Blacksburg, at approximately 5:15 am on Tuesday, Johnny Bernard Rodgers, age 29, was arrested, while his brother, James Quenton Rodgers, age 30, fled on foot. He was arrested the next day by Deputies. Both have been charged with three burglaries and larcenies in the county and several more in the city.

Both subjects are charged in connection with burglaries at Pop's Corner on Union Hwy. (Hwy. 18 South), Cherokee Small Engines on Union Hwy. (Hwy. 18 South), and Moss' Store on W. Cherokee St. (Hwy. 29) near Blacksburg.

There have been more than thirteen burglaries in the past few weeks in the city of Gaffney and the county resulting in the stake out by Deputies.

Thieves would knock out the front door glass and enter the store. In almost all burglaries, only cigarettes were taken.

Johnny Bernard Rodgers gave his address as 196 Two Pond Rd., Ladson, SC.

James Quenton Rodgers gave an address of 1664 E. Frederick St., Gaffney.

Both are currently being held in the Detention Center.

Detectives Darrell Duncan and Tim Clark are working the cases for the Sheriff's Office.

Gaffney Police Detectives will bring more charges.