LiveScan Grant


The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was awarded a grant award in the amount of $67,002.00 under the FY 2003 South Carolina Drug Control and System Improvement Program through the South Carolina Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs. The grant provided the Sheriff’s Office with funding to purchase a Live Scan Device used for the electronic transmission of fingerprints to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Live Scan Device was purchased from Printrak International, Inc. (A Motorola Company).


The equipment allows Detention Officers to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for identification and criminal history records rather than manually roll fingerprints with ink and paper. Results are then electronically submitted to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation via a high speed data connection. The prints are then examined and a response may be sent back to the Detention Center within 15 minutes to 1 hour regarding a criminal history match.


The Sheriff’s Office was the first law enforcement agency in South Carolina to purchase and install a Windows NT based version Live Scan Device and only the 7th agency statewide to electronically submit prints for identification. According to Bonnie Burns , the Program Coordinator from SCDPS, “This is a major accomplishment…Your efforts and concerns as they pertain to the enhancement of public safety in your community and throughout South Carolina are very much appreciated”.