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DARE.jpg (52278 bytes) SERT.jpg (41719 bytes) Training.jpg (39630 bytes) Crime Scene.jpg (63168 bytes)
Sgt. Hartman teaching DARE class SERT in action Training class at LEC Crime Scene Technician dusting for latent prints
NarcK9.jpg (13521 bytes) Chaplain.jpg (32940 bytes) Detective interview.jpg (46290 bytes)
"Billy" the drug dog in action at a local school Chaplain counseling an inmate at the Detention Center Marijuana eradication Detective interviewing a suspect
CCDCescort.jpg (47529 bytes) Forensic lab.jpg (47826 bytes) Deputy traffic stop.jpg (61308 bytes)  
Inmate being escorted at Detention Center Checking for latent prints in forensic laboratory Deputy performing traffic stop  
Senior Care.jpg (36615 bytes) Deputy.jpg (46613 bytes) Control Room.jpg (49586 bytes)
Senior Care volunteer  performing daily calls Deputy by new vehicle design Aerial photo of Law Enforcement Center Detention Center control room