The Victim Services Unit is committed to serving victims of crime in order to help them successfully cope with the effects of being involved in a traumatic incident.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Unit provides services to victims of crimes within Cherokee County.

Phone: 864-489-4722



·     Accompaniment to court

·     Assistance with Order of Protection filing

·     Crisis intervention (including on-scene assistance if requested by an officer)

·     Applications for South Carolina Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund

·      Letters of assistance when requested by victim (to creditors, employers, etc.)

·     Liaison between victims and law enforcement/ Solicitor’s Office

·     Updates on case status

·     Referrals to community agencies/service providers

·     Transports to local shelters

·     Maintain contact with victims and/or family members throughout the court process

·     Community awareness events


To preserve and protect victims' rights to justice and due process regardless of race, sex, age, religion, or economic status. Victims of crime have the right to:

·     Be present at criminal proceedings where the accused has the right to be present;

·     Be heard at proceedings affecting bond, bail, release, pleas, or sentencing;

·     Have reasonable access to documents relating to the crime before trial;

·     Receive restitution from the adult or juvenile offenders

·     A reasonable, prompt, and final conclusion of the case.


Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate

Brandi Douglas

864-489-4722 Ext# 113


Sheriff’s Office Emergency


864-487-2747 (Non-Emergency) 24 Hours

864-489-4722 (Non-Emergency) Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


SAFE Homes


1-800-273-5066 (24 Hour Hotline)