Major Stephen Anderson


Captain Sherille Wells



Cherokee County Detention Center
315 E Dr. Lm Rosemond Lane
Gaffney, SC 29340
Phone: 864.487.2529

The Detention Center is the primary holding facility for all county and local inmates who are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced to 90 days incarceration or less.

It operates as a direct supervision environment, meaning there are no bars or cells, as in traditional facilities. After employment, each detention officer is sent to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for Basic Jail Training. After returning, they are assigned to duties within the Detention Center.

The Detention Center is controlled by a central control room from which all doors, lights, climate systems, telephones, and over 50 cameras are operated.

A word to those who intentionally violate the law: If you are looking for television, radio, weight lifting equipment, newspapers or magazines, or recreational sports such as basketball - you should stay at home. Those luxuries are not present at the Cherokee County Detention Center.

The Detention Center recently obtained a grant to purchase and install a LiveScan Device that allows our Detention Officers to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for identification and criminal history records rather than manually roll fingerprints with ink and paper. Results are then electronically submitted to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation via a high speed data connection. The prints are then examined and a response may be sent back to the Detention Center within 15 minutes to 1 hour regarding a criminal history match.