Visitation is determined by unit assignment and bed number. One visitation hour per week is allowed with appropriate attire. Inmates may list four persons on a visitation sheet. Only two persons listed are permitted to visit at one time. Visitors names may be changed each Monday.

A responsible adult must accompany all visitors under the age of 17.
All children must be on the visitation form to be allowed to visit and will be counted as one of the two visitors allowed.
All visitors must be signed in at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of visitation. If you are late, you will not be allowed in.
No food or drinks are allowed in the visitation area. (Including candy from the machines in the lobby area)
If a visitor leaves the visitation area, they may not return.
Visitors may not relay messages from persons in the lobby area to inmates in the visitation area. 
Only one chair is permitted per window. If two visitors are present, one will remain standing. 
All visitors and inmates must remain seated.
No loud talking, excessive noise, or vulgar or profane language will be tolerated.
Visitors must visit only the inmate which they signed up to visit. 
No graffiti or vandalism will be tolerated. 
Touching the window is not allowed.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the termination of your visit and possible future visitation.